Friday, November 30, 2012

Absolutely Free SEO Tools Online

While Surfing the net about SEO tools, I found this website Few SEO tools are absolutely free. I felt to share with all.
Let see what the Free SEO Tools are:

Plagiarism Checker
Ø  This tool is used to check the content for duplication.

Article Rewriter Pro
Ø  Suggestions for Rewriting the article

Keyword Position
Ø  Tells you the position of your keyword ranks.

Search Engine Pingler
Ø  You can notify your blog or your new article on other blog search.

Backlink Checker
Ø  Allows you to check your back links where you linked from other websites.

Link Tracker
Ø  Analyse about individual links.

Back Link Maker
Ø  Generates a large number of high value backlinks in a matter of seconds

Google PageRank Checker
Ø  Helps you check your page rank.

Reverse IP Domain Checker
Ø  Display the domains and links of other websites that share your IP address.

Check More with the website

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Site Design can be a reason for the poor ranking of Website

If your website not performing well, then you might think that SEO would be the reason.  When you ask for a review with SEO forums and you they say your site looks horrible and needs a complete redesign. In this case SEO is not a reason.

Let’s discuss, is really a website design can pull your website rankings down?
Your might ask why should I design a website look like other professional website in my business field? And you want to unique with your design which is good idea. But this is not an excuse for poor and unprofessional design. Visitors who come to your website have some expectation on your website on their need. When it gets fails by your confusing website surely they move to the next result which was your competitor. 

When we have bad site it causes the bounce rate issues in several ways. The below are the main reasons for the issue:

  • A visitor who bounces cannot convert as enquiry.
  • Google has clear picture about the visitors click through to your website and then click back. When they click your website and suddenly click out, the search engine will assume that you don't provide a good answer to that particular query and lower your site rankings.
  • Website is unprofessional then other webmasters won’t like to link you. They feel that such a link will reflect badly on THEM with THEIR visitors. Since the links play major role in GOOGLE algorithms for website ranking we need to accept that.
SEO Chat Forums observed that “web design is SEO because it affects user behavior and Google can see it.” We can get some nice ideas from our competitor’s website this is actually for the conversion purpose and we get a clear idea how they get customers for their business. But it is not mean to copy the whole. Add your valuable thoughts and idea with that and form a very gentle and professional website which becomes a pillar for your business. 

Some other important all time need for your website is your fresh content which was not copied from anywhere and also the strong SEO.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

How to use the WordPress effectively on websites?

We all know WordPress is the greatest blogging platform in present days. Most Top Blogs are run through the WordPress only.  When we properly use the WordPress we can achieve the best results for our business.  Let’s discuss some best tips to help make WordPress efficient for both you and your visitor.

Plan your content for the website

First Schedule what content your website should have and also we should know which content attract clients even in the future. Once you know how to use WordPress in the admin area, then you can upload your content today for publication at some point in the future. We can get use of the scheduling property for your website.

Clean up you side bars

It’s better to remove the links which was not related to the business and also which turns the visitors from your website to others. Remove anything that won’t benefit you or your business. And also too many ads on the side bars will indirectly hurt you. We can manage these stuffs in the widgets section of dashboard. 

Role of Images

Images are more powerful than contents. Knowing how to use WordPress ensures you know the importance of adding image tags and captions for your readers.

Organize your Content

Readers can easily find the past contents also easily when the tag for the post was properly used. We might notice that some website organized by day or month. These type of permalink works for the news related websites. But this is not good idea for the website which has very informative contents. 

Organizing the Permalinks

Permalinks are automatically created when you posted with your titles. But we have options to change these links in WordPress.  You can remove the nondescript words and leave only the main ones that best describe what your article is about. Get trained to use the short urls that are descriptive and tell readers what the content is about even before they click it.

Backups and Upgrades

We can take a back up of both your WordPress Database and also the Contents. This is one of the good features which surely help us in future. Knowing that you have a quality backup (not all backups are actually restorable) will give you the freedom by knowing that even in the unlikely event of you somehow breaking your site… that things can be repaired!

Adding Plugins and other Software for your WordPress Blog

There are lots of plugins are available for making the website more friendly to the visitors and also to the search engines. These plugins makes the website more interactive. 

Click here to see Some Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Friday, November 23, 2012

How the SEO Citations are helps to improve our Local Search Engine Rankings?

What is Citations?

“Citations will help your business rank higher within local search” Lets know what is citations first. A citation is when a website mentions the contact information and or the address of a business. And other words citation is a online review. When other website lists the name, contact information, and business address of your website then your website gained a citation.

Citations are useful for the local business ranking within search engine maps. Citations help prove the strength of your business information. Thus the more citations you have the more Google and other search engines can be sure that your business is genuine.

It is very important that your website to be very authoritative for the search engine and it has become a well known SEO strategy to create a business listing with a fictitious address in order to gain a local listing where your business does not physically exist. This would be the main reason search engines rank local businesses higher when they have many citations.

Where to Get Citations to Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings

  • Local search engines
  •  Local blogs
  • Locally-focused directories
  • Industry-focused directories or blogs

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Increase your website Traffic through Google Images

When we found great photos in Internet we felt to download the images along with that we tend to see the website uploaded the images. If we do so, imagine about our readers clicking on the pictures, which our domain ranks for. This is another good way of increasing website traffic through Google Images.

Not only few only doing this several users out there look for photos too and if they come across one they like, they may just access the site that owns it. The website has more images example dresses we can optimize the images with proper keywords and we can expect the image to be ranked for the keywords in the search engine.

Important tips for optimizing the images

Filename – Change the numbers which automatically comes for the image naming with something more concise and descriptive. Maybe you can use Webdesign-India.jpg (note the jpg, which is the recommended extension) for a photo of your trip to the destination.

Alt tag – Also called alternative text, you need this so that the search bots can index and crawl your images for related terms. You also need this as a code for screen readers to help the software interpret picture’s content for the sake of visually impaired users.

Caption – You can choose to skip this aspect. But, Importantly, It is preferred photos with descriptions. This is why I never forget to place one for my own images.