Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Increase your website Traffic through Google Images

When we found great photos in Internet we felt to download the images along with that we tend to see the website uploaded the images. If we do so, imagine about our readers clicking on the pictures, which our domain ranks for. This is another good way of increasing website traffic through Google Images.

Not only few only doing this several users out there look for photos too and if they come across one they like, they may just access the site that owns it. The website has more images example dresses we can optimize the images with proper keywords and we can expect the image to be ranked for the keywords in the search engine.

Important tips for optimizing the images

Filename – Change the numbers which automatically comes for the image naming with something more concise and descriptive. Maybe you can use Webdesign-India.jpg (note the jpg, which is the recommended extension) for a photo of your trip to the destination.

Alt tag – Also called alternative text, you need this so that the search bots can index and crawl your images for related terms. You also need this as a code for screen readers to help the software interpret picture’s content for the sake of visually impaired users.

Caption – You can choose to skip this aspect. But, Importantly, It is preferred photos with descriptions. This is why I never forget to place one for my own images.

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