Friday, February 13, 2015

Top SEO Practices that you Should Stop

There are many SEO practices that were used are now being dumped now. The following SEO practices are not used by many now, they are Use of Meta keyword tags, stuffing keywords, exchange of links, buying links, over optimization of Anchor text, hiring of low cost SEO suppliers and low quality guest post blogging. 

Use of meta tag keywords are now out of fashion in 2015, only website owners are using this tag with their keyword. If you are still using the tag, it sent a signal to your competitors about the use such keywords. So, put an end to the practice of using this tag.

Stop using keywords for more on your website and it affects your site. Instead, give good and quality content which attracts more people to your site and improve your site’s ranking.

 The ranking of your website is determined by Google on the basis of the links on your site with other sites. This practice is now vague today as it earns a penalty for your site. The exchange of links with your partner on the same line is useful to both.

If you run an SEO firm, don’t buy any link. This is because of the fake sites that spoil your SEO firm results. 
There is a practice followed by many that their website includes the keyword of your business. This is not in use anymore, as links to your website shows your company name.

If you want to run the SEO business, you should immediately stop hiring low cost SEO providers, as they fail to generate results.