Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Improve Your Blog with simple 6 Steps

We all know that blog is powerful tool which always helps us to improve the business, when the blog is properly updated with good content. It includes:

  • Improving brand name and the awareness.
  • Helps you to build your innovative thinking.
  • Demonstrates your organization Expertise.
  • Can develop good relationship with your niche field.
  • Can make engaged community.
  • Generating Leads.
Apart form the above benefits we have lots of seo aspects of benefits where we can easily crawl the blog posts. We can use more keywords. Also we can attract more links and generates social signs. Blogs are helps to drive more organic traffic for the website.

Let’s discuss how to improve your blog which helps us to improve the business:

Should have proper pagination

Pagination in blog is very useful where you can get all your post in single page. Surely this helps the user to read all the topics easily. When it comes to SEO, pagination to execute correctly maximizes "crawl depth" and makes your content easier for engines to access by reducing the number of clicks needed to attain deeper, archived pages.

Add Related Posts

We have to add related posts to the end of all your posts. This will gain the number of page views also this practice also helps flow link equity to deeper content and improves the circulation of PageRank across your blog.

Add Previous and Next Posts

Same like adding related posts also we can add ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons which helps to improve the page views. These types of navigational links can help increase time on site, and boost overall user engagement and satisfaction signals on website.

Proper use of Categories

Another component on blog is categories. We should have proper categories with limited number on blogs. Posting under categories always helps you to improve the organic search. 

Select one category per post, so that we can avoid duplication of content in the blog. Add some introductory content on categories which helps you to compel the readers to click the post. We have some plugin for this; we can make use of that.

Proper use of Title tags and the Article Title

Be sure what keywords we are going to use for article title and the seo title. Make use of the both titles so that we can concentrate more keywords. Nowadays most of the cms provides seo titles and metas separately. And the more keyword variations in your content, the more chance your content has to rank in more searches.

Add Sharing Buttons

Add Sharing buttons on each post. This helps your improves the distribution or your content across social platforms. Sharing can also help to render your content to new audiences.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yandex turns up with Dial On Personalized Search

Yandex The Russian Search Engine, has announced the changes involved in personalized search results. It is about personalization is now supported within a single search session.

Last year the y launched the personalized results which were based on looking at a user’s search history within the previous few weeks/months. Now they changed personalization within seconds based on on the current search session.

Yandex says “this change to its algorithm means it can offer personalized search results to searchers that have never used Yandex before. The company says its available now on all Yandex domains worldwide.”