Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Faster Image Search – Recent Information from Google Team

People who want to search for images mostly wanted to search through Google Images. Based on the comment of both users and the webmasters Google has redesigned the Google Image Search to offer better search experience. Soon we can see image results displayed in an inline panel so it’s faster, more beautiful, and more reliable. You will be able to bound cast through a set of images by keyboard. If you wish to go back to browsing added seek results, just scroll down and pick up right where you left off.
How they designed for Webmasters: 

  • Going display comprehensive data about the image (the metadata) right beneath the image in the search results, instead of redirecting users to a separate landing page. 
  • Feature of some key information much more prominently next to the image: the title of the page hosting the image, the domain name it comes from, and the image size.
  • The domain name is now clickable, and they also added a new button to visit the page the image is hosted on. This means that there are now four clickable targets to the source page instead of just two. In our tests, we’ve seen a net increase in the average click-through rate to the hosting website.
  • The source page will no longer load up in an iframe in the background of the image detail view. This speeds up the experience for users, reduces the load on the source website’s servers, and improves the accuracy of webmaster metrics such as pageviews. As usual, image search query data is available in Top Search Queries in Webmaster Tools.
Source From Google Webmaster Central Blog

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zavers Digital Coupon Service launched by GOOGLE

Google Introduced recently new digital coupon service called Zavers. The coupon helps vendors and manufacturers to recompense customers with coupons related to their purchases.

The actual theme is to help retailers to increase reliability and also to increase shopping cart size and offer redemption rates. Zavers seems to be an absorbing use case of Google applying all the abstracts they accept on retailers and manufacturers. It's a bit like a dating arrangement for articles and shelf space, in which the final ambition is to accommodated new barter - whether online or offline.

Zero Moments Of Truth

The reason of launch Zavers follows the tech giant's absolution of the Offline Conversion API, which shows that there is a boundless accomplishment to ally this abstracts at Google. The name Zavers as well seems to draw afflatus from Google's charge less ebook, alleged the Zero Moment of Truth, which argues that there is a new blazon of online customer behavior which manufacturers and retailers charge to understand.

Zavers has a real-time analytics feature which enables manufacturers to admeasurements advertisement redemptions and appraises customer preferences such that they can bigger administer distribution, clothier ad campaigns and optimize their media budgets. The Zavers arrangement aswell offers retailers a archive of architect coupons, which may accessible up new retail acquirement opportunities.
Shoppers can use Zavers to bout architect discounts with the retails sites they use so that they can save the coupons to their arcade account. No buzz numbers or advertisement scanning is appropriate - the coupons are instantly redeemable, with accumulation automatically deducted at checkout. Manufacturers pay for the advertisement ad alone at the point that the artifact leaves the shelves. 

The Following are benefits for manufacturers:

  • Gain visibility into the path to purchase
  • Reduce costs and manage budget
  • Prevent fraud
  • Get real time UPC level data
  • Manage and target distribution
The Following are benefits for retailer:

  • Reward your customers
  • Increase transaction speed at the register
  • Simplify coupon settlement
  • Increase basket size
In the continued run, Zavers could as well advice Google associate arcade added and lose to be allotment of a accepted move by Google to abutment retailers further. It will be absorbing to see if it gets a lot of play in Google Catalogs too.

Friday, January 11, 2013

How to write Engaging Titles and Content for SEO

Titles are most important part of the blogs and web pages. Seeing the title itself the visitors will get attracted. The Proper title which explains your theme will surely get more clicks. Let’s learn how to write title which attracts the visitors.

Knowing about your Audience

Visitors are of various types some might really want to learn or some want to implement on their own by referring the stuff. Before writing, we should segregate what types of visitors are basically come for this blog and what improvisation should be taken for the blog. Better analysis surely will lead you to get valuable visitors.

Writing Titles

When we check with more clicked blog titles of 2012, we get clear idea of writing titles. Those titles had the following in the title:

Numerals – 10 old seo methods to avoid
How to – How to create
Attractive words – best, tips, techniques, future of

When you write your title before or after the content written? You should ask this with you. Also my point on the title is, 90 percent of the readers attract for the title which was catchy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is it my competitors are troubled for their “Bad” Links?

As known facts if we want rank our website well probably we should select the white hat SEO for our website. But we see our competitors still ranks high for certain search terms even they have bad links for their websites. Why some website rewarded for their bad links?

Penguin update than you ever wanted to and how it was planned to target sites that were not worthy of web spam tactics and those that had poor link profiles. After this Penguin update also we have heard some websites was not wiped out even with bad links. 

If you think like the competition is getting away with their link building actions, you shouldn't be so quick to jump. Here are few reasons why they rank:

Don’t know how their website performing actually

Keyword ranking for the website might have hundreds of reason. The search results are too tailored. And the top ranking keywords obviously get more traffic but it is not necessary to for the conversion for the website. The conversion seriously based on the website designed for the visitors otherwise they might have high bounce rate. So the site ranking on top doesn’t mean it will perform well.

Safe today doesn’t mean they won’t get caught later

As we know, Google and other Search Engines updated with new algorithms every day. Website with bad links can rank well today but it is not sure the same will continue for the future. It’s always good to use the white hat techniques which help us to rank long in Search Engine. Patience is most important for doing SEO. The website with bad links will catch up with them one day and the fallout will be that much harder to recover from.

Their bad links might be greatly outweighed by other white hat links

A few bad links surely can’t do with the website which was there for more than 10 years. Which has strong social presence, Famous with their brand, unique content also bond to white hat techniques. 

General Suggestion for the website owners is to take the competition’s SEO as guidelines only. Idea which works for one surely won’t work on another website.  So copying the blindly the idea not going to help you.