Thursday, October 10, 2013

Google Algorithm Change History – 2013 Updates

Each year, Google changes it’s seek algorithm about 500 to 600 times. While a lot of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a "major" algebraic amend (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects seek after-effects in cogent ways. 

For seek marketers, alive the dates of these Google updates can advice explain changes in rankings and amoebic website cartage and ultimately advance seek engine optimization. Below, I have listed the above algebraic changes that accept had the better force on search.

Hummingbird — August 20, 2013
In-depth Articles — August 6, 2013
Unnamed Update — July 26, 2013
Knowledge Graph Expansion — July 19, 2013
Panda Recovery — July 18, 2013
Multi-Week Update — June 27, 2013
Panda Dance — June 11, 2013
"Payday Loan" Update — June 11, 2013
Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013
Domain Crowding — May 21, 2013
"Phantom" — May 9, 2013
Panda #25 — March 14, 2013
Panda #24 — January 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Google Hummingbird Algorithm – what is this algorithm all about?

Google has a new search algorithm, the arrangement it uses to array through all the advice it has if you seek and appear back with answers. It is alleged ‘Hummingbird’ and below, what we apperceive about it so far.

What is Hummingbird? Why is it called Hummingbird?

The name of the new search algorithm that Google is using, one that Google says should return better results. Google told us the name come from being “precise and fast.”

PageRank is one of over 200 above ingredients that go into the Hummingbird recipe. Hummingbird looks at PageRank how important links to a page are accounted to be forth with added factors like whether Google believes a page is of acceptable quality, the words acclimated on it and abounding added things.

What is new in Hummingbird Algorithm?

Conversational search is one of the bigger examples Google gave. People, if speaking searches, May acquisition it added advantageous to accept a conversation.

What is the closest abode to buy the iPhone 5s to my home? An acceptable search engine ability to focus on award matches for words award a page that says “buy” and “iPhone 5s” for example.

Hummingbird should bigger focus on the acceptation abaft the words. It may bigger accept the absolute area of your home, if you have aggregate that with Google. It ability accept that place agency you wish a brick-and-mortar store. It ability get that iPhone 5s is an accurate blazon of cyber banking accessory agitated by assertive stores. Knowing all these meanings may advice Google go above just award pages with analogous words.

In particular, Google said that Hummingbird is paying added absorption to anniversary chat in a query, ensuring that the accomplished concern the accomplished book or chat or acceptation is taken into account, rather than accurate words. The ambition is that pages analogous the acceptation do better, rather than pages analogous just a few words.

Hummingbird is designed to apply the meaning technology to billions of pages from across the web, in addition to Knowledge Graph facts, which may bring back better results.

Will I loss traffic from google?

If you haven’t in the past month, well, you came through Hummingbird unscathed. After all, it went reside about a ages ago. If you were traveling to accept problems with it, you would accept accepted by now.

By and large, there is been no above clamor a part of publishers that they accept absent rankings. This seems to abutment Google adage this is actual abundant a query-by-query effect, one that may advance accurate searches decidedly circuitous ones rather than something that hits head agreement that can, in turn, could cause above cartage shifts.