Monday, December 24, 2012

What would be the Questions to your SEO Firm?

Some might be tired of searching proper SEO Company for their business and some might really have good experience with SEO Company. Before selecting a SEO Firm you should seriously think about the below question. Some questions you should be asking your SEO agency before hiring them. These questions surely help you to identify the company and also you get a much bigger impression of the company as a whole.

Will you use BLACK HAT Techniques?
Do you outsource anyone to do my website SEO Work?
Do you believe you can accomplish my requirements?
Have you worked with other companies like me before?
Have you been affected by any of the Google updates?
What will you do to keep me satisfied?

You should work with the people who know you business well. And also you can check out their portfolios for the rankings of the website they done.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tips to avoid Negative SEO

Google Changes the algorithm to identify the direction of positive SEO signals like Press release activity, social sharing’s, genuine marketing, trust and authority. Also Google is focused on the websites who deals the negative SEO. In Google’s viewpoint, forcefully bad SEO is going to look nearly the same to negative SEO, which makes it very complicated to deal with.

How to minimize negative SEO

There are some general tips you can take to reduce the number of bad and poor quality links your site will get and you can stop this type of techniques.

RSS Advertising Links – The RSS Links are not quality and not valued much from Google. Due to Google’s new lower threshold for negative links creating problems, it is better to avoid this technique. 

Site wide Links – When you have profile with Google Webmaster’s Tool then you easily find where your website linked and how many pages you are linked with the website.  Site wide links are no more valued by search engines.

Prevent website from DMCA – No need to spend all your time on justifying the points of DMCA. Instead follow the DMCA Act as much as you can.

Other Points to remember when you deal with Negative SEO

  • Update about Google Algorithms and know that Google is changing its algorithm and we need to adapt it. Based on the Changes we are in position to follow the updates in order to run a website.
  • Stealing the Content is absolutely need to avoid.
  • Avoid the Low quality links for your website.
  • DMCA violations: go after the biggest offenders every few months
  • Do the Natural way of SEO Optimization which is possible by you. Don’t do any aggressive type of SEO anymore.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to attract a Customer from SERP Results

Most People strongly believe that planning a SEO Strategy for the website includes adding some content and link building. Getting a quality link is always appreciable by search engines. Lets discuss some other concepts how we can get real click from SERP Analysis. 

Before setting an strategy for the SEO, we should understand what the SERP landscape looks like and try to understand what it might take content-wise to compete. We should clearly understand what are SERP Analysis and SERP Landscape.

What is SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis is the practice of analyzing the search engine result page to conclude what type of web pages and what form of contents are ranking for your search term.

What is SERP Landscape

SERP Landscape is all about search engine which shows the result as images, video, products, news, etc which helps to attract the visitors in the SERP Results itself.

Difference between SERP Analysis and Landscape

SERP Analysis performed for the keywords and long tailed search terms used for the website to search for the visitors. For SEO Company what would be the keywords?

  • SEO Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing

Now the Analysis has to start for what type of pages and the contents are ranking. Let’s ask our self some question which helps to improve through the result our website shown for.

  • Are informational pages ranking?
  • Are blog posts ranking?
  • Are landing pages ranking?
  • Are digital assets (eBooks, white papers, infographics, etc) ranking?
  • Are product pages ranking?
  • Are home pages ranking?
  • Are deep pages ranking?
Google appreciates the deep page contents which are informational vs lead generation. When you understand which page gives a real customer. Try improving the page, by attracting the customers. It is best to rank the deep pages which developed to attract customers what we sell for.

SERP Landscape is about the search engine results which triggers the universal SERPs. If our keywords brings these results then we might be one among the results. 

For example when we search for mobile phones or ipad, we get news, shopping, and image results all on page one. When our product needs to list like this, and then we need to optimize the images, add some product listing ads, as well as a news release which helps to tell about the product.  Surely this will helps you to list your product on universal results.

When we do proper analysis on SERP we might improve lot our websites. Also understanding what the landscape of each SERPs looks like can be a huge competitive advantage to your business.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SEO Tips to Optimize your Facebook Fan Page

We all know the important of Social Medias on websites. Social Medias plays vital role in SEO. Especially the Facebook gives real visitors to the websites. Creating Facebook fan page for the business is very important. Let’s discuss the various optimization techniques for this.

Select best name for your Fan Page

It’s the most basic step when it comes to optimizing your brand on Facebook, and is also the most important. Name we select should describe the best our business with generic words. Don’t spam using keywords.

Custom fan page vanity URL

When your page has 25 likes, then Facebook gives you option to edit the URL of your Facebook fan page. Because URLs are greatly weighted by search engines, it is very important that your fan page URL reflects an aspect of your business. We should concentrate on this when editing Url, using the proper business name is helps your Facebook fan page in search engines. 

Where to use keywords

Keyword optimization is always important in SEO. The important places where we can keywords are about section, Mission, and Company Description, since these areas best places we can keywords. 

Optimizing your page for local search, it is must to include your Address, City, State, and Zip. For product-related searches, the Company Overview, Mission, and Products fields should be filled in with your proper information. 

Adding phone number and address

Adding phone numbers and address helps to index your brand for local search results is crucial to growing your Facebook fan page. Search engines always give higher importance on pages with specific information like your business phone number and address. Pages that contain this type of data can successfully increase your brand's overall SEO.

Linking the Fan page on Existing Channels 

Try to add this fan page in various know website like creating back links for this page. When your page has more inbound links, the more authoritative your page is according to Search Engine, and you will be ranked higher.

Add the Facebook Page where it is appropriate; include a link to your fan page from your other digital channels, like your website, blog, and Twitter profile.

Status Update Optimization

We should remember that first 18 characters of our status will serve as Meta description where we can add some keywords to optimize. Always adding giving direct link to the website is god practice to follow.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Important SEO Tips for Small Business

Every year search engines were changing the algorithm and making the SEO more complicated. This is seriously affects the small business. The small business people don’t have time to update things and work. Let’s discuss some important SEO tips for small business.

Onpage SEO is Necessary

Optimizing the titles and meta, site structure, checking the loading time is important. Many experiments have shown these elements are in the Google algorithm. 

Many small companies struck at this stage. They can hire someone to do this. 

Role of the Website content

Content is more important for Search Engine to rank your website and also it needs for the end user and making them engaged. Adding content on website and sharing with world and linking the content are awesome techniques. This is again a critical one. Engaging the new content with end user is really difficult for the small business owners.

Use Content marketing for earning backlinks

The small business owners might know search engine ranks website website based on back links. Buying back links really makes the website bad impression on search engines. Then how come they build back links?

Content is good enough to gain the back links. Good content always valued. Quality content containing humor, information, controversy, politics or training usually brings backlinks - and is absolutely considered acceptable SEO.

Must to know about the Back link Profile

We must know where we linked our website and also the use anchor text of the page. As we know anchor text are changing one but still it has some weights in search engine. The Healthy business people market about their brand through press releases and few do some healthy forum discussing. This gives a good impression over search engines. SEO Citations are the other good signs of a natural back link profiles. 

Create buzz through Community Building

Link bait is considered as acceptable activity by Google. This is because the activity is aimed toward creating a positive end-user experience. 

Quality over Quantity

It’s quite inefficient to work to send emails to large quantities of inexpensive links. They believe it results in a poorer end-user experience, an argument that has advantage. Small businesses may not like this rule, but they do need to value it if they want to see increases in rankings.

Review the SEO Reports

Even the small business owners are busy still they need to know what their SEO consultants do for their website. They should always give import ants on the Monthly Reports whether the results are moving on right direction. And also do not expect any miracles jus the by monthly progress.