Monday, July 11, 2016

Tips about Search Engine Optimization for Website Owners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most efficient and simple ways to increase traffic to a website. Website owners need to ensure only best strategies are being applied for their website while using ethical means to obtain offsite and onsite results. Regardless of whether you are operating a business website or an ecommerce site, by using SEO techniques you can effectively boost your website’s rank with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. This makes it easier for customers and potential clients to come across your business through search results. Listed below are some tips through which you can successfully optimize your website.


Regardless of its operations the website need not be flashy to attract customer as most customers look for websites which can be navigated effectively. This is one of the best ways of driving traffic to a site through SEO.


Your website’s budget is fixed and needs to be spent wisely so that you do not face loss. The allotted amount needs to be divided for design, internet marketing and SEO, and by using at least half of this amount for SEO and internet marketing, you will be able to successfully conduct business.  


Prior to creation of content for the website, you have to think of some keywords that effectively describe your business and using which your customers approach you. By creating a list of keywords you will automatically be able to see the results after content is put up based on these keywords. However, you need to conduct research as well concerning keyword using monthly search volume, through which you will be able to obtain keywords that are searched moderately. Use the one’s with moderate results especially the ones with lower competition.  By going for keywords that have highest and lowest search volume, you will only be wasting your funds.  

Long-tail keywords 

You can benefit by using niche, higher or middle keywords phrases which are also known as long-tail keywords. By focusing on keywords which do not have high search volume you will have content based on keywords that your customers are not looking for.  

Onsite content 

The keywords chosen by you for the website content should be present in meta tags, title, actual URL and description. When content is added to the site the keyword should be present within the first 4 to 5 words of the page and this rule should be followed for titles as well.


It is better to have hyphen in the URL of a new page rather than an underscore as it leads to better optimization of page and helps in searches using keywords.


The keyword should not be overused as search engines do not offer any compensation for it. However, in some cases excessive use of keywords might result in the website getting penalized and its rank lowered for crowding content with keyword.

All of the above listed tips should be kept in mind while creating content for website as it boosts rank for search engines as well as traffic.

How to Maintain a Successful Mobile Friendly Website

The important growth of mobile devices is on the verge of having a bad impact on businesses that haven’t been followed in it.

Google has announced these days that more searches are taking place in mobile devices than desktop or laptop.  Moreover, Google continues to make new updates for mobile search algorithm and promotes mobile-friendly websites. And also to note that Bing has also announced that it is in the process of doing the same what other websites are doing.

These days, consumers live using multiple devices, as they change from mobile to desktop and vice versa every time. They initiate a task in one device and complete it in another device making the important need for the best experience obligatory for each and every device.

This article is trying to show some key attributes of a mobile friendly website and to position companies for huge success now and then in the future!

Which are the important design principles for a mobile friendly site?

It is most important to have in mind the mobile user’s behaviour when you are about to build a mobile friendly website. Mobile users needs tend to differ from various desktop users. Mobile users are in a need for change and want to access information very quickly and easy as possible.
Some basic guidelines for constructing a mobile friendly website and meet the average mobile user’s needs are as follows:

Use the text that is readable without zooming the page
Clickable spaces in the page has to be defined by using underlines or buttons
Place links as far as apart so it can be tapped easily
Keep avoiding software's, like Flash, which are not suitable in most of mobile devices
Include your contact information in your header so that can be one of the important initial things a visitor watches, no matter which page he has visited.

Considering the time of load while developing your website

Most common mistakes encountered by web designers and developers is to build a very nice mobile-friendly website but when considered with average load time to suffer. Load page time, it is an important ranking factor, and also is vital for offering visitors a very high standard experience.
In general consideration, webpage loading time in mobile devices is very slower when compared with those of desktops. This is due to following reasons such as, low network connections, size of the image file, and location of the user; when browser cache memory is small, slow parse of HTML and JavaScript etc.

Recommendation from Google is that the above the fold content has to be rendered in a less than a second, this allows the users to begin to interact with the page very soon.

Additionally, Kiss-metrics tells that:

Even delay in a second in load time can result in very fewer conversions
Approximately 50% of consumers (actually 47%) expect a webpage to load in the time less than 2 seconds
Mobile users have the same expectations of whether they are on their desktop or on their phone.

 How can I improve Mobile User Experience?

When selecting the content and the design of mobile site, apart from redefining for mobile trends, you have to create an experience which is quite similar with how your audience prefer to use your website.

With the use of Google Analytics you can get great insights very easily by evaluating a few data:

Check the Total Time on Site and where they spent majority of the time. By this way you will prioritize when and where to focus your attention
Find out which pages users visit the most number of times from mobile devices and are giving special attention to your content and images
Find out the most popular landing pages and design them with the mobile user’s perspective
Find out the most popular exit pages and those which have a high bounce rate and try to identify the different reasons
Also find out from which the devices or browsers, the bounce rate is getting high and find out compatibility or load time errors and problems.

How to increase the Conversion Rate?

To make a increase your conversions, most important is, you have to really think that the potential customer has to make decisions on the fly.  Even if the goal is for a sales transaction or a lead, that i’ll try to make the path very simple. Simplify users flow and streamline one by one each step.

To Sum up

According to the researchers, almost 40% of the websites are not that of a mobile friendly. This means to tell that there is huge opportunity to gain advantage by being one of the first few to best optimize your web presence for your mobile. Those who are making short sighted decisions or wait are missing this opportunity or even worse to lose market share.

The Ranking Factor and Traffic on Web Page

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a term related to the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and etc. The best search engines like, google, or yahoo and every search engine, rates, ranks, and represents a web page on the basis of those pages SEO factors. Like, all articles which have been written on depending on the SEO rules get the traffic and the best level of ranking of its website under on 10. Here traffic refers to the visitors factor, like, which website gets the best number of visitors they get the best traffic, and before getting a better and beneficial number of visitors, it needs to prepare the SEOs with the best process and with the best way, that it can get the best level of ranking and get appear in the search engines while searching for any keywords or by its name. There are a huge amount of web pages on the internet, but those only appear vibe, which gets the better rankings by the search engine.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Role of SEO Competitor Analysis

Most firms rely on their SEO ranks to analyze their company’s position on the internet. The reports of ranks show your shortcomings or statuses but do not tell what your special services your competitor is offering that they are better than you and clients opt for their services and not yours.  SEO competition analysis allows one to see why a competitor’s website is obtaining better ranking in search engine results.
These reports show what keywords are being used and what they are doing differently, and later you can strategize on how to use these keywords to generate traffic. You can either change the keywords or include them along with the keywords you have previously been using. By doing this you will definitely obtain a substantial ranking. 

It is a common observation that websites that are oldest have the highest ranking, which is the result of research performed by them to use a keyword effectively. Firms that have not been long in the industry are not aware of the structuring and concepts of SEO as effectively as the old firms. If these companies are analyzed through competition analysis they might realize how to improve their SEO services.       
This analysis assists a business in optimizing the visibility of their services displayed through the site. By observing what the report contains you will be able to pin point your shortcomings which makes it possible for you to grow and rise to the level of your competitors and become better than them. By becoming more visible you will be easily available to visitors searching for companies offering services same as yours. 

Most companies fail to understand the importance of visibility and are content with only creating a website. How will a website be useful if one cannot generate any traffic through it? If there are no visitors, clients will surely not come to know about products and services offered through the firm, thus no one will be availing these services. Sales do not start till visitors start coming in to a website. 

You can analyze your competitors by doing the analysis mentioned below: 

Alexa ranking 

By analyzing the Alexa ranking you can obtain a clear idea about the popularity of your competitor’s website. 


The exact traffic cannot be analyzed unless one is able to obtain Google Analytics or cpanel details. There are certain services which are able to gather these details regardless of its difficulties.

Keyword performance 

Use search engine and track your keywords, in this way you will be able to realize what the competitor’s ranking is. What is the number of competitors that are ranking on this website? How many pages of competitors are ranked on Google? What is the number of pages of your competitors’ websites that are indexed by Google? 


The links that are connected to your competitor’s website should be tracked. In order to increase your links quickly you can avail services of link building tools; however, if you want to obtain proper links you can do that by availing service of reputed SEO companies.