Friday, September 20, 2013

Important SEO Tips for Website to Rank in Search Engines

Domain name as Keyword

It is always good to choose keywords as Domain name. When we select the keywords as domain we get more chance to rank the website easily. At the most we can select the domain as keywords clubbed domain for better results.

File name as Keywords

When we add page or post to the website or blog, it is advisable to add keywords in the file names. 

Keywords in Title and Meta tags

Use some important keywords in the title and meta tags. Don’t stuff with more keywords and do not ruin website ranking. Some keywords also used in the headings as H1 tags.  Don’t try to add all the keywords in the body alone. Split the keywords as mentioned above.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing Images involves adding alt and title attributes for the images of the website. Also we need to think about the image sizes for server load. Avoid big pixels images in order to avoid the loading time of the websites.

Quality Content
As we know, Content is the King of SEO. So add good quality content which engages the visitors by reading. Also quality contents will reduce the bounce rate. These are too important in SEO. Don’t copy content from other websites which leads you to some duplication problems.

Inner Linking

Inner Linking is the concept of linking your content with related pages using keywords. Don’t add same keywords too many times. Also think before adding other websites on your website because if you add low quality website, automatically your website will fall in rank.

Optimize your website

Do the necessary optimizations for better ranking like download time, run w3c error checker, avoid unwanted scripts which increase your loading and etc.

Building Links

Build a quality links by submitting in Best directories, news releases and other techniques involved in link building.


When the Navigation of your website is clear you can retain the visitors for long in your website. And always add two sitemaps which one for visitors and other for Search Engines. Create Manual Sitemap which helps the visitors to get all the info in one place. And create a xml sitemap for Search Engine for better indexing.

Social Networking Profiles

Create Social network profiles on various networks like facebook, twitter  and linkedin and post some nice info there and  try attracting visitors from all your post by adding domain url.

Thursday, September 12, 2013