Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to write blog post that will keep visitors on your page?

What is the important part for the good blog post? May we think it is writing? Actually there are some problems that readers need to clear before they even read the first word. Blog Structure is more important both for your individual post and for your whole blog look. so that people don’t abandon your site when they see a poorly structured post. The way the blog promotion is not important when comparing to the blog structure, bad structure could ruin the user experience.

Problems between Readers and the Content

Often, however you gift your content is simply as necessary as what the particular content is. Once somebody arrives at your web site or journal, they’re taking within the whole web site 1st, and then digesting the individual sections. Thus you’ve got many seconds wherever your internet style and post structure will flip them off and build them leave your website while not reading word one.

So, although you get somebody to your page with smart content and SEO best practices, your lack of structure may well be driving them away. once readers see writing that is divided, well organized and straightforward to skim (like, as an example, this keyword analysis post by Preston Van Dyke), they’ll be the page longer and be additional doubtless to click internal and external links. 

Blog Post Structure that engages Readers

If you don’t know the particular blog post format or no idea to categories, you should know the general topics you want to address, with at least one specific question or idea to focus. Visitors always admired by the terms ‘Top 10 List’ or FAQ formats because they need easy readymade structure which helps them to read easily. 

Major three elements for the perfect blog post

Introduction - This is your setup. You wish to put out the overall concept you’ll be addressing throughout the remainder of your post. Intros will be exhausting to try to once you’re not precisely certain wherever you’re going. It’s continually good to rewrite your introduction when you’ve finished the wrapping things up. You don’t need to expose your conclusion, however you ought to a minimum of purpose the reader within the direction wherever you’re heading.

Body – Post your content with keyword rich subheadings illustrative lists, bolded intro phrases or numbered steps that guide the reader through the content. These are the visual anchors that individuals use to navigate your post and that hook people into staying on the page. Add some attractive images which attract visitors.

Conclusion – Give a proper conclusion to your post. If you are posting like question and answer format. Then your conclusion must answer your question raised by you. Anyone who has read that far clearly considers you worth reading, and they’re waiting to hear your judgment on things.

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