Friday, December 7, 2012

Control your Google Search Experience – Block the websites in Search Results

When we browse we felt some results you really don’t want see. But unfortunately It will display for your so many queries. 

Some reason would be there for not liking the website. May be the look and feel or you don’t like the site owner. Sometimes no reasons to dislike a website but you simply wish they did not be shown. 

We have wonderful option to make this type of website to hide from our search results. You can customize your search results in simple steps.

Visit: Google’s Managed Blocked Sites Page:

Enter the website which you want to seriously block from your search results. Then the website no longer had shown to you.

If you want to unblock the website in future surely you can do this by returning to the same url and make it Unblock

For example am showing with the example website

Enjoy the wonderful tool from Google and customize your search!!!

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