Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SEO Tips to Optimize your Facebook Fan Page

We all know the important of Social Medias on websites. Social Medias plays vital role in SEO. Especially the Facebook gives real visitors to the websites. Creating Facebook fan page for the business is very important. Let’s discuss the various optimization techniques for this.

Select best name for your Fan Page

It’s the most basic step when it comes to optimizing your brand on Facebook, and is also the most important. Name we select should describe the best our business with generic words. Don’t spam using keywords.

Custom fan page vanity URL

When your page has 25 likes, then Facebook gives you option to edit the URL of your Facebook fan page. Because URLs are greatly weighted by search engines, it is very important that your fan page URL reflects an aspect of your business. We should concentrate on this when editing Url, using the proper business name is helps your Facebook fan page in search engines. 

Where to use keywords

Keyword optimization is always important in SEO. The important places where we can keywords are about section, Mission, and Company Description, since these areas best places we can keywords. 

Optimizing your page for local search, it is must to include your Address, City, State, and Zip. For product-related searches, the Company Overview, Mission, and Products fields should be filled in with your proper information. 

Adding phone number and address

Adding phone numbers and address helps to index your brand for local search results is crucial to growing your Facebook fan page. Search engines always give higher importance on pages with specific information like your business phone number and address. Pages that contain this type of data can successfully increase your brand's overall SEO.

Linking the Fan page on Existing Channels 

Try to add this fan page in various know website like creating back links for this page. When your page has more inbound links, the more authoritative your page is according to Search Engine, and you will be ranked higher.

Add the Facebook Page where it is appropriate; include a link to your fan page from your other digital channels, like your website, blog, and Twitter profile.

Status Update Optimization

We should remember that first 18 characters of our status will serve as Meta description where we can add some keywords to optimize. Always adding giving direct link to the website is god practice to follow.

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