Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SEO Evolution Facts for 2013

Search Engines are changing their algorithms day by day. SEO People doing more challenging seo for the upcoming days to withstand in top. Search Engine Optimization includes a correlation with search engines however because the search engines become additional capable and because the search algorithms evolve and become additional subtle several within the SEO world square measure even considering to rechristen SEO with another name.
Let’s discuss the some of the SEO Evolution facts here:
  • SEO is not dead. People who does not know the real meaning of optimizing the websites for Search Engines. SEO was changed and grown with new techniques.
  • SEO has to be done for the search engines which can capable to find the spam and have upgraded their algorithms to penalize the spammy techniques
  • The website with poor quality and having non related topics and spammy links and thin content will be penalized.
  • Present trend all static websites are moved to dynamic websites where we can increase the potential for regular additional content the search engines too first worked on indexing such content but this year the focus has been on penalizing thin and poor quality content to give more quality results to the users.
  • The on-page and technical SEO still stay an equivalent however because the search engines have evolved and square measure higher equipped with advanced algorithms the completion for prime rankings has accrued and Darwin’s theory of “The Survival Of The Fittest” is essentially applicable these days on the online.
  • After the Panda updation, Google is very much careful picking the quality contents.
  • With amusing and seek integrations and upgraded algorithms one needs to do added that just on-page enhancement and abstruse SEO. One needs to focus on UGC (User generated Content) and action a approved breeze of agreeable in the anatomy of blog posts , videos, infographics , images, podcasts, etc. to be able to accomplish the UGC and allotment it on assorted amusing media platforms to accomplish the abundant bare amusing signals.
  • Websites which was created in the aspects of SEO techniques with no poor links and thin content were not affected by the updates. This adds your quality for your website which helps to rank.
  • Content is a creator hence the GOOGLE came up with the Authorship Tag and the Knowledge Graph.
  • Our main focus is on the factor which helps to remain the long term search presence and also generate targeted traffic.
  • Know the important of sharing the content over internet through Social Medias and do post the content in the aspect of readers and business.
  • Rankings are important but if we allege of SEO we plan on the superior factors of the website and again acquire the rankings to get targeted cartage but in case of PPC we pay for the rankings and buy the targeted traffic.
  • It is main factor to educate the client about the true meaning of SEO and make them set realistic SEO expectations.

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