Friday, February 22, 2013

Reminder about Selling Links – from GOOGLE

I read a post from which was posted by matt cuts about selling links. Here the post:

Google has already said that buying and selling links are against to GOOGLE quality guide lines. Google continue to repeat the guidance every so often to help the webmasters and the site owners of policy.

Google is requested you to away from the people who approaches to pay you for links or "advertorial" pages on your site that pass PageRank. Also selling links that pass PageRank violates Google’s quality guidelines, and Google does take action on such violations. The penalty for a link selling site start with losing trust in Google's search results, lower the page rank in GOOGLE PageRank tool bar. Also the consequences include dropping you ranking of your site in Google’s SERP.

When you receive a warning for selling links that pass PageRank in GOOGLE’s webmaster’s Tool, you get a notification message about “possibly artificial or unnatural links on your site pointing to other sites that could be intended to manipulate PageRank.” That's a sign that your site has lost trust in Google's index.

They are addressing to avoid this issue, we should very careful in checking the paid links should not pass any PageRank. You can remove the paid links or advertorial pages or you can use rel=”nofollow” attribute in you paid links. Make sure that no paid links on your site pass PageRank, then you can submit a reconsideration request and if you had a manual webspam action on your site, someone at Google will evaluate the request. After the request has been reviewed, you'll get a notification back about whether the reconsideration request was approved or not.

“We do take this issue very seriously, so we recommend you avoid selling (and buying) links that pass PageRank in order to prevent loss of trust, lower PageRank in the Google Toolbar, lower rankings, or in an extreme case, removal from Google's search results.”  - Matt Cutts, GOOGLE.

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