Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to check if your SEO is working?

It is really not a matter how much we are spending on SEO every month, because without positive or beneficial results you can’t make any return on your investments. 

This blog is absolutely for the SEO beginners. If you have enough knowledge on SEO surely this post won’t be great stuff, but some nice stuff surely for the people whose spend money on SEO and doesn’t know how to track the results.

Checking the Key search term in various search engines is always great idea but that is not enough for the Future development of business or a website. Let see few factors to look out for to see for sure and how to know if your SEO is working.

Check your Traffic from Search Engine

If you see your daily views have gone up in Analytics dashboard, then this is the real and clear sign of your SEO Campaigns working well for you. Google Analytics will show you where specifically your traffic is coming from. If the views are from Search Traffic from Search engines then you can be very confident that your SEO is doing well. 

Track Your Conversions

If you are selling product or service on your website and started to get Calls, queries, emails and new sales then it is perfect indicator for worth paying the SEO. It doesn’t mean that at the earliest itself you should take a customer, all that you should keep get some emails and comments some activities on tour website. Always check the present results with previous for further improvisation. 

Track Your Key Search Terms Ranking

This would be great, if you are afford to track your keywords with keyword rank trackers. These tools are helps you to know if your SEO is working effectively.  These tools will check your website where your key search terms are ranking in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

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