Saturday, February 22, 2014

Now Google Analytics on Google+ Pages Dashboard

Google Analytics advocate Daniel Waisberg of Google+ yesterday to announce a brand new feature that adds Google Analytics info to the dashboard of your organization's Google+ page.

Simply put, if your company's Google+ page links back to your web {site} and your site conjointly uses Google Analytics, a Google+ card can appear in your dashboard, showing the quantity of latest visits, distinctive guests and pageviews for your the positioning connected thereto page. The info is for the previous thirty days of visits and includes % modification from the previous 30-day period:
The card's context sensitive "tool tip" facilitate specifies:

“This card shows Google Analytics knowledge for the web site related to your Google+ page. To vary the card read, please set up the default read beneath your Google Analytics property.”

Other cards generally found on associate Google+ Page dashboard embody Notifications specific to it page, Business insights on your website's reach and discovery on Google Search and Maps, and general business info regarding your page.

The Analytics card is brief and sweet. Outside of the 3 metircs and % amendment, there is solely a link to Google Analytics that takes you directly into that site's report; despite what number sites you have got connected.

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